Wednesday, October 6, 2010


We can take the boys out of Pittsburgh, but not the Pittsburgh out of the boys. :) They showed some Pitt-pride in their new t-shirts! :)

Liam's 1st Birthday Party

The Haskins' family: Ashley, Liam, & Tom
Ben (2), Liam (1), Eli (6 months)

Jen, Brian, Ashley, Liam, Tom, Eli, Jill, Ben, Steve
The Birthday boy--Liam

We went to Cleveland for Liam Haskins' first birthday party. It was a really fun day. While the boys are all still a little young to be playing together, it makes me excited to think about years to come! :)

Congratulations Mike and Linnea!

The bride and groom: Mr. and Mrs. McConnell

JD, Erik, Mike and Steve
Carissa, Linnea, and I
It was a beautiful wedding--and a whole lot of fun! Congratulations Mike and Linnea! :)

Albion Fair

Papa and Ben on the pony

Enjoying some fair snacks--Ben dropped some sugar from his doughboy on Eli's head.
Ben and I petting the horses
This nice lady let Carissa, Nana and Ben pet her baby goat

Steve and Eli checking out the cows

We took the boys to the Albion Fair to eat some yummy fair food and see the barn animals. It was a fun night. Carissa, Charlotte, Nana, and Papa came with us. Ben even got to ride the pony!