Saturday, December 19, 2009

Getting excited for baby number 2!

We are starting to get really excited for baby number 2. My belly has grown A LOT in the past strangers are even asking me when I am due! Ben will often pull up my shirt and hug/kiss the baby. I'm sure he has no idea how much this baby is going to rock his world....but that's ok. He'll be a good big brother. :)

Visit to Charlottesville

We went to Charlottesville for a long weekend to celebrate Christmas with Erik and Carissa.

Carissa and I compared belly sizes.... I'm still quite a bit bigger!

Erik loved to play with Ben and carry him on his shoulders.
Carissa cooked a really nice meal for us on Saturday night and we exchanged gifts for Christmas.

Thanksgiving 2009

Steve, Ben and I went to two lovely thanksgiving dinners this year. We are so blessed! Uncle Donald and Aunt Juli cooked the first meal. We all ate way too much and enjoyed it. Ben especially loved Grandma's sugar cookies. :) Then we went over to Steve's parent's house for meal #2...which was also great! We had all just sat down to eat and Ben was chattering away in his high chair one minute and the next minute--sound asleep!! It was pretty funny.