Saturday, December 6, 2008

3 months old

3 Months old already. He is very smiley now and a lot more fun to play with. He started daycare on December 1st when I went back to work and is doing really well.

Trip to Dillsburg

We went out to Dillsburg for the weekend in November. We got to see lots of cousins that we haven't seen in awhile! We had a great time with Kevin, Kelly, Nikolas, Brent, Jade, Lahanna, Ella, Summer, Aunt Kathe and Uncle Marc. :)

Lahanna and Ben

Ella and Steve


Kelly and Ben


We had a lot to be thankful for this year! We celebrated with two sides of our families....
First, we had lunch with the Connors' at Uncle Donald and Aunt Juli's house.

Grandma and Ben

Steve and Grandpa

Aunt Juli & Uncle Donald

Grandma, Jill and Derek

Benny on his first Thanksgiving

We enjoyed our second dinner at the Iszkula's with the Cochran side of the family.

Aunt Kathe, Aunt Colleen, Ed, Aunt Eileen, Susanne, Uncle Brian, Brianna, Ryan

Uncle Rob and Ben

Kevin and Jenna

Brianna and Ryan